Friday, March 18, 2022

"Kevie" - not often do you see a pig in a quilt coat...

 ...and therefore, you gotta take pictures!  

Meet Kevin Bacon.  She,  “Kevie” was owned by Dunken who makes really nice baseball bats with his dad.  Their business is 2 suites away from Quiltsmart.   Dunken realized when Kevie was about 6 months old that she would be happier on a farm.  He found a farm for her to be a pet.  Then he started missing her a lot, so he asked the owner if he could visit.   The owner, Nancy, said that she will bring her every Thursday when she comes to town if Dunken would like that.  Dunken was thrilled, and we are, too!  Kevie loved wearing the coat, but there were a few grunts when we put it on her.  have a new respect for pigs-in-coats photographers!

Bennie, my yorkie-poo, loves Kevie.  Kevie is not too interested in Bennie, though, so Bennie just sits there.  Don't worry about Bennie though, because Maggie is a Golden Retriever who adores Bennie... and they play together with the other dogs at the Industrial Complex while Kevie eats grass and carrots.  Her compensation for modeling is in carrots.

The Coats:
PatternDog - Sewing Patterns for Dogs, United Kingdom
I made both coats (size L for Kevie, S for Bennie) from a baby size Apple Core Quilt.  You can also make pieces for the coats and save a little sewing.
Enjoy & Take Care,

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