Tuesday, June 9, 2020

On...the Ceiling

The sun was streaming in and I laid down to bask in it for a moment.  It was so warm, about as close to laying on a beach as you could get without being there.  I looked up at the ceiling and realized how simple and relaxing it was. Life has been so complicated lately.  We don't really know what to do with that.
There is no quilt up there.  The ceiling is painted the same taupe "pink" as the walls.  I love that color. Calm. But, until I laid down on the floor and looked up - I would have said it was white.  That is what I would expect.
Like a quilt without a border.  A round quilt.  An oval quilt.  An unfinished quilt (ok - that one we might expect).  A sentence that is not a sentence - eh - maybe that too.  Dinner with friends on Zoom.  Unexpected.
Having just started with writing blogs my attention had to be diverted to Facebook Live (does that mean they can see you NOW - what, they can ask questions - yikes!), Zoom, Discord, Virtual Yoga (they can't see me - there is something so comforting with that), Virtual Therapy, Curbside pick-up for my dog & food (I did that anyways "before"), being fine with going out in my jammies....because NO ONE will see the bottom half!, "Dinner for 1 please, in your finest box".  Lots of things to learn.  But the one I love the most is that my granddaughter and I call each other, text, and send emojis.  We made dirt cups one day.  We both have the same book, and read to each other.  Sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes she does.  And, even though we are 2000 miles apart, those times we are right next to each other.
We all have had some things to learn.  So my blog took a bit of a back seat.  I had thought, "I'll have all this time to write."  Nope.  My family and I Zoom, and I Noom - getting ready for a skate trip that may or may not take place. 
But now that I think I have Zooming and Nooming under control - I would LOVE to get back to the blog.  No promises to myself - because there are now a ton of projects and quilts that I started because I was going to have all this time to quilt.  Ha ha!  Just a few more hours a day....just like things were "before".  What used to be unexpected is now normal.  The calm that resonates from laying in the grass and seeing the unchanging yet everchanging canvas above.  The peace that settles inside me while looking up at an uncomplicated ceiling while the yoga lady talks and I plan quilts in my head.... but calmly.
I wish to pick the blog back up, but I don't want to lose the closeness of being far apart, and the feeling of the uncomplicated sky.

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