Sunday, March 15, 2020

Potholder for a Pot of Gold (Recipe included!)

There is a winter snow warning and we are pretty much snowed in tonight with a white out. (Side note: My son, Marty was born on March 17, on a day just like this!)
So I am challenging myself to make a small project -and of course, not leave my house.
I just had to have a St. Pat's Day rainbow  I had to dig and dig for all the ROYGBIV colors.  I found most and there is even one flannel in there.  The challenge to myself was that I finish this now.  I did it!  Now to get more fabric, well after the storm! :)
Our potholder - see Free Fusible Brochure and Sample Project is dolled up with scraps for a St. Patty's Day Rainbow which will undoubtedly end up going into a Pot of Gold - or, more likely holding a Pot of Corned Beef & Cabbage (which is as good as gold to me!).  A perfect use for scraps and our potholders!

A two sided potholder (or make 2 one-sided).

Here is my mom's recipe as well!

Irish Corned Beef &Cabbage              
slow cooker

I texted my mom the Sunday before St. Pat’s Day:  “Mom, I need a corned beef recipe I can cook in the slow cooker in 5 hours”.

Thanks, Mom!  (Nancy Donnelly)

3 lbs Corned beef brisket
Frozen or fresh:
1 pound baby carrots
Potatoes  (red, I like to buy them already cut and washed - or canned)
1 can of beer
Seasoning:  May come packaged with the meat.  If not, rosemary and dill are great.

Thaw meat following safe handling instructions, or buy fresh when you get the cabbage. 
Mom’s words: “Throw it in the slow cooker now with a can of beer.  Don’t rinse it.  Set slow cooker for 5 hours on high. Add potatoes and carrots after 2 hours.  Add chopped (wedges) cabbage last half-hour.”
My tip:  If you decide to add the cabbage after the 5 hours (ok to do, like once guests arrive), make sure the slow cooker is still on!
Serves 6.

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