Sunday, March 15, 2020

FREE Fusible Brochure & Sample Project - Blossom Potholder

A Fusible Brochure Potholder Project is free with any order and available at many quilt shops.  Email us at to request one or 25 for shops, classes, or guilds.

There are basic instructions on the panel.  This Blog Pictorial gives more detailed AND updated instructions.
Enjoy the freebie! 

Mattie, Terri, & Lavelle

This project was a team effort.  Lavelle Wallace (Social Media Manager) designed the project for a staff challenge that was, "Design a quick project using at least 2 Quiltsmart designs and 2 different methods".  Terri is Quiltsmart's Customer Service Manager and did the sewing and the photos for this post.  Mattie wrote the instructions and is Quiltsmart's Founder & Pres but mostly loves Creative.  

The potholder has our ZigZapps Blossom & Petals on one side, and  The Original Fusible 2.5" Grid Panel on the other.  These are 2 great examples of the Quiltsmart Methods.  

You could also use this freebie to create 2 potholders - just use the insulating batting on the backside of each instead of the 2 together.

Flower Center: (1) 3”  square
Flower: (1) 6” square
Flower Background: (1) 9” square (allows fudge factor)
GRID: (16) 2.5” squares 
(1) 9” square insulating batting
Hanger:  2" x 5" rectangle

1) Cut out the flower on the outside circle dashed line.  In the middle of the center circle, there is a dotted line.  Slit  along that.
2) Place the interfacing piece rough side (glue dot side) to RIGHT side of the center circle fabric.   The flower interfacing will hang over the edges of the center circle fabric.

Stitch on the solid line around the center circle.

Make a small slit along the dashed line around the circle.

Place your scissors in that slit and continue to trim on the dashed line, freeing the flower interfacing piece.

Turn the center gently through the slit.  Use a pointer-creaser to smooth and round the seam.

 Follow the same procedure for the flower - place, stitch, trim, turn.

3) Layer the flower and center, fuse using a Quiltsmart Pressing Sheet.

Zigzag (”zigzapp") around the circle edges. Set aside.

4) Fuse the 16 squares to the interfacing, centering them between the dotted lines.  The Quiltsmart Pressing Sheet. will help at this step and later when fusing the batting to the square.  It helps keep the pieces in place, and it helps from getting excess fusible on your iron.  It is also a lightweight sheet so you can see your work through it.

Stitch the lines in one direction.

Clip to the stitching at each intersection.


Stitch in the opposite direction alternating the seam allowances up and down.

 5) HANGER: Press 2 x 5" strip in half to crease the lengthwise middle.  Open and fold the long sides to that crease.  Press again.  Now fold in half, encompassing all raw edges.  Press again.

Stitch the folded side closed.  You may stitch the other side if you wish.  Fold the hanger in half and stitch in the corner or close to the corner.

6) Center and pin (or fuse) the insulating batting to the wrong side of the Blossom block.

Center and place the Blossom block right sides together to the grid.  From the grid side, stitch on the solid line around all sides leaving the opening to turn.  Trim t even all edges with the raw edges of the grid - I leave a little extra where the place to turn is so that there is more to turn under.  Turn.  Top-stitch, encompassing the opening.

If you like this potholder, and are okay with the zigzag arround the Blossom showing through to the grid, there is an alternate nice technique. It allows you to sew all around the potholder, and turn it underneath the Blossom which is then put on after turning.
Lucky Heart - A Quiltsmart way to turn an applique with beautiful edges.

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