Thursday, March 10, 2022

A Patchwordle for Quilter Wordles AND 20 reasons why "Wordle" is the new Social Media.


Why “Wordle” is the new SocMed Platform - 

1. It takes only minutes a day - if you are smart.

2. Your smart friends will see that you are really smart and not just making up stuff.

3.  You will still feel satisfaction that you checked in with everyone everyday.

4.  You can easily pick it up and put it down.  

5. You can share it (without feeling remorse).

6.  …. Even while having a cocktail. 

7.  Your dumb friends may hopefully stop following you. 

8.  You can put your phone down while eating because you will now have dinner conversation.  It could go like this, “did you do wordle yet?” Or, “that was a tough one yesterday.”  Or,  I didn’t know you can use two of the same letter.  - Oh, thanks for that! -  Is that word even English?  Is it an international game?   Could I learn Spanish this way?   You and your wordle friends will laugh, but non-wordles will not. 

9.  You can ask your friend how they are, and their response will be short, sweet and to the point- no social media drama!!!! - “3 rows of black”,  “not a lotta green today”,  or, “those yellows sure slow ya down.” Or   “Bingo- all greens on first row”- hey, “anybody tried “bingo” in row one?  

10.  You can have your own private groups.  “30+streak” , “100+ played”,  "Win % 90+"

11.  The old song, “and they call him the streaker” will certainly get popular again and you can download it and listen to it digitally!  

12.  The t-shirts will be better than Facebook because half of the population won’t understand them-  “Got Wordle?”   Wordle is Twice as Nice at Midnight”. And of course, “Wordle is the new FB” Or,  “what’s your streak?” Or a spoiler t-shirt - 5 letter words printed all over the shirt. 

13. You will “read” all the shared daily Wordle quilts from your Wordle buddies and go, “hmmm, good one”… and that is all you need to know- that person is alive, happy, smart, engaged, and sharing with you!  

14. ...because of number 13- who says that’s not lucky??   They don’t have patch facebook quilts- but a patchwordle quilt is right up there at the top for quilt humor.  Especially if it is made with white, yellow, and green blocks!  So, of course, I had to make one - with our PiX Smart Grid!  So Eeasy!  It was fun with 2.5" squares, and now I can't wait to make one with  2" squares. A full wordle, quirdle.... is a 5 x 6 grid.  So, you can make several from any single panel.  (My son is getting one for his birthday - he got me into this.  I don't believe he reads my blogs so I can say that.  This blog he might read, though - as he does know how to sew, and is an avid wordle. His name is appropriately MARTY.)

15.  Your brain will be actively thinking of 5 letter words that will work for H_ _S_ (try typing that!) rather than thinking how you will console the friend from high school who you haven't spoken with in 12 years because frankly you don’t feel that their sad story is any better than your sad story.  And wordle will get you out of that because you only need 5 letters.   You might (55 letters) say to the friend:  You might try “Wordle”.  Note that “empathy” is not a 5 letter word. 

16.  Brain Games have  been found to reduce the chance of getting Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  Note that “brain” and “games” are 5 letter words.  I do not remember if this study included FB as brain activity.  Lol. 

17.  You may read books more - but you are really searching for “good” 5 letter words. 

18.  You will feel confident and content and start having thoughts of:  beach, think, relax, loves, sleep, dream, happy…. And wordle- I do think it should have been named “Wordl”. 
19.  If you have read this far, there is a high likelihood that you are a Wordle/Quilter or Wordle/Sewist.  So, you may have  already contemplated if my quirtle, or patchworkle, (aka....the cute little wordle quilt above) is a "real" wordle.... or did I simply place the squares anywhere.  So, can't do that on FB that I know of, anyways..... although there are probably game groups.

20.  And, if you are a Quilturdle, or a Sewordle (that one is nice), you have probably already tried to solve the quilt I made.  Hint:  who is it from?   Try solving problems on FB!  Or, if you didn't try to solve it, you may have started changing all the 5 letter words to color and bookmarking the page!  Ah ha....   FB would be a good source for 5 letter words, though I think the t-shirt would be more funnn.


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