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Pretty Smart Apron Costume HACKS & Pumpkin Cookie RECIPE!

 Hi Quiltsmarties....

These were SO FUN, I wanted to share again this year!  Let us know if you made a costume from our Pretty Smart Apron - we would LOVE to see a pic!  Share it on your favorite social media spot!

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Home for Halloween Fun: Pretty Smart Apron Hacks & Pumpkin Cookie Recipe!

Home for Halloween Fun!
Reversible, darling apron that can be made into a quick Halloween costume or play clothing!
See a recording of this project on Facebook LIVE (October 8, 2020).  



Model: Mattie, Quiltsmart President & Founder, Creative Director, Bend, Oregon
Base Outfit: 
White t-shirt or blouse
Jeans or skirt

Attributes of Dorothy:
Blue and white checked dress.
Two white buttons on the dress at the waistline.
Red shoes.
Basket with Toto dog.

Sewing Variations:  
I cut the ties at 4" wide x 36".  A little wider so they are more of an accent.  Turn with a Fasturn #6.

Barmop cream towel takes the place of the reverse skirt.The Dorothy side has the same fabric as the bib top, which was made from kitchen cloth napkins.
Embellishments for Apron:
Reverse side is sheep print fabric.  I raised them for 8 years, and still are very fond of the sweet creatures.

White Buttons. 
Gathered skirt.  The "real" Dorothy had a smooth waistline, probably a bias cut, but gathered was easier for this rendition



Model: Kathleen, Quiltsmart Enthusiast, Kensosha, Wisconsin

Base Outfit: 
Black leggings & skirt or dress.
Black long sleeve top. 

Attributes of witch:
Black Hat
Black outfit

Colorful socks
Witch hat

Embellishments for Apron:
Purchased embroidered towel with Halloween motif. 


Model: Terri, Quiltsmart Customer Service, Johnstown, Pennsylvania 

Base Outfit: 
Black Leggings.
Black Long Sleeve top.

Sewing Variations:  

I stitched (4) 3.5" strips of gold and (5) 2.5" strips of black together to make the fabric for the bib front. 

Attributes of Bee:
Gold and black body 

Embellishments for Apron:
Striped fabric OR sew stripes together for front.
Model: Theresa, Quiltsmart Sewer, Redmond, Oregon  
Base Outfit:
Jeans & long sleeve t-shirt or flannel shirt. 

Sewing Variations:
None.  The reverse side can be seasonal or a motif - anything you like!

Attributes of Scarecrow:
Flannel Shirt
Torn Pants
Hay from neck, arms, feet.

Model: Coco, Quiltsmart Enthusiast, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Base Outfit: 
Shirt to match skin tone.
Shorts, leggings, or jeans - colors from the apron fabric or skin tone.

Sewing Variations:  

I used 7/8" twill tape for the ties - super quick & easy!

Tail:  Glittery fabric, full width folded in half and gathered.  We zigzagged across the gathers, then attached with a safety pin to the other side.  Easy to put on, and to take off!  You could make a longer tail to cover her feet, but we kind of liked the little feet showing.  Our mermaids have feet under their tails!

Reverse side was made into a Snow White apron - by simply using a yellow bar mop for the skirt, blue and a red sash on top.  I sewed the red sash to the blue top before making the bib.  I also put the mermaid fabric and the yellow barmop right sides together, stitched edges, turned, zigzagged the top, then put into the bib apron top as one piece. 

If you know the apron is for a child, make the bib the “shorter folks” length.... 7-8 yr old. Once made, the sides of the bib  can be tucked under if necessary. 
For a tiny tot, ..... you would need a smaller apron.  You could try forming the Market Bag into a costume, using the dress variation in those instructions.
Attributes of Snow White:
Blue top with red sash, large white collar.
Yellow skirt.
Black hair with red bow.
Birds light on her finger. 
Base Outfit: 
Blue puffed sleeve blouse or t-shirt.
Jeans, or yellow skirt, pants, or leggings.


Model: Sue, Quiltsmart Sewer and Consumer Sewing Consultant, Pennsylvania 

Base Outfit: 
Black Leggings & skirt.
Black Long Sleeve top. 
OR, dress and stockings.
Sewing Variations:  I cut the ties at 4" wide x 36".  A little wider so they are more of an accent.  Turn with a Fasturn #6.

Barmop red towel takes the place of the skirt.

Attributes of Minnie:
Shirt: Red fabric, white dots.  Skirt: Polka Dot  (I flipped that for this apron because I like the towel sewn right in to the apron.
Red polka dot bow.  I made a bow and tied it to a headband.
Yellow Shoes
White Gloves

Embellishments for Apron:
Purchased ruffle trim on the bib top to give a puffed sleeve effect. 
Eyelet around the pocket.
Chocolate print fabric is on the reverse side!



Model: Lavelle, Quiltsmart Social Media Manager,  Bend, Oregon 

Base Outfit:  
Western Shirt 

Attributes of Cowgirl:
Shirt:Western style.
Cowgirl hat.
Western boots.

Sewing Variations:
I used 7/8th" twill tape for the apron ties - quick & easy!
Barmop blue towel takes the place of the skirt.
Fringe was added on the apron and skirt (towel).
Embroidery added at the top of the apron.
I made a fake placket  in the front before I made the bib.  After bib was done, I added snaps to the placket.

Pockets could be added from old jeans!

I hope you enjoyed our Apron Hacks!
Below is a hack on my mom's Pumpkin Cookie Recipe.  I made it a bit simpler!
Take Care & Be Safe,

 My mom made these cookies every fall, and they are now a tradition with my kids.  I tweaked the recipe just a bit to make it easier. It still looks a bit more complicated than it should for my easy cookbook - but, like a good off-the-beaten-path quilt shop, it is worth the time!  It just isn’t fall if there aren’t Pumpkin Cookies.  Skip the lettuce - just serve these for dinner!  After all, pumpkin is a vegetable!  The trick to making them quickly and at the last minute is to make the dough ahead and keep it in the refrigerator.  Easy “dinner”!  :)
Makes about 4 - 5 dozen.

1  cup butter
1  15 ounce (medium) can pumpkin
2 teaspoons EACH of baking soda, cinnamon, vanilla
2 tablespoons baking powder
2 cups sugar
4 cups flour

1 cup chopped nuts
1 cup raisins

Mix the first group of ingredients with mixer, then add nuts and raisins with spoon.  Drop by heaping teaspoonful on ungreased cookie sheet (don’t forget the parchment paper!).  Bake at 350° for about 12 minutes.

Let-us suggest:
Walnuts, pecans, dried cranberries, or white chocolate chips.
Some “Pumpkin Cookie” lovers like to frost the cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting.  That can be purchased by the “can” and kept in your pantry until ready to use.

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