Saturday, March 27, 2021

May Baskets & Yo-yo’s on my mind! The QUILT I want to make TODAY!

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With an abundance of solids and an old table runner of yo-yo’s.... what I want to make today are baskets!  Probably because the weather is a balmy 62 degrees and sunny- yet I’m in a sewing mood.

I sew for others a lot, and lately I’ve been trying to take the time to sew something up for me, if the spirit moves me and today it did.  

So far, I cut (9) 8”x 10” squares. I fused outside the lines to hold them in place before sewing.   I find that if I simply start something, that 50% is done!  So...yeah, half done, lol! 

Check it out at  

Baskets & Yo-Yo’s

Cindy Claycamp, “Quilting Memories”, and  I collaborated on her pattern to make the baskets available in printed interfacing.  She has a pattern for larger sizes, too!  She can be reached directly at Pattern copyright 2014 by Cindy Claycamp.

Sew on the solid lines.

 Trim on the dashed lines.  Clip at the inside angles. 

Cut through the INTERFACING ONLY on the dash-dot line.

Turn interfacing to the back, finger-pressing well.  A Quiltsmart Pressing Sheet will help secure the interfacing around the hole.  




Pointer-Creaser will help make the curves smooth.  Use it to gently push out the curves and to slide along the edges of the seams- between the fabric, not next to the interfacing.  

If you want the embroidery marks at the bottom of the basket, transfer those now by basting over the lines printed on the interfacing.  Choose the color of your bobbin to either be the same as your embroidery floss, or blend in with the basket.  

Embroider or decorative stitch either now, or after the basket is fused and stitched to the background fabric.  

Fuse the basket to the background.  I used a 10 x 12” background. 

A pressing sheet will keep any fusible or iron residue off of your basket. If you are using laces or silks, you would want to use a pressing sheet. I like it for the solids because I’m assured of not getting any scorching on my baskets if my iron were to be too not.  Start with a polyester setting, but test first as iron settings differ from iron to iron. 

Zigzagging is the next step.  The technical term is “appliqué”, which means “to apply”- but it sounds fancy and scary!  

I suggest a 2.0mm length and width for beginners- moving toward a 1.5mm width and 2.5mm length if you wish as you get comfortable.  Keep the stitch mostly on the basket with The needle skimming the edge of the basket to go into the background. Use invisible thread or the same color as the basket or a decorative thread & decorative stitch. You can also hand appliqué, as done on the green basket.  Sew the yo-yos, buttons etc. after you quilt. But like me you probably can’t wait to set them on the basket and see how they look. I used the Clover yo-yo maker- I love it.  I used the small and the flower in this basket.  

I can’t locate that yo-yo table runner- bummer .... but, I like making yo-yos while bingeing a show!  So off to do that for a bit!  I’m quite sure the runner will show up after I get a bunch made for my May Baskets!  

Next up...zigzagging,Are use a small stitch 1.5 mm with and 2.5 mm length is my favorite stitch, but if you’re a beginner I would suggest 2.0 for both measurements and get used to that before you change it. Have the needle just skim the side of the basket and most of the stitch stays on top of the basket. 

This cute little basket is ready for some hand embroidery over that transfer of stitches from the sewing machine. Those don’t have to be perfect by the way. 
You could also use  embroidery (I’m planning mine- I think I might use tone on tone thread and a variety of stitches from my machine or hand stitches).  

I couldn’t wait to lay these sweet little blocks out and get a sense of how my quilt will look... and can’t wait to put on the yo-yo’s! 
Keep checking back for updates!  I'm working on this at least every few nights- and every chance I get! I will take pics of the entire process to completion. 

Stay safe & sound! 


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