Saturday, February 20, 2021

Let GO & SEW! QUICK READ - and Breathe! Ahhhh..... !

Hi Friends!

I got both of these treats from friends, who obviously know me well!  I'm drinking the coffee now while working on a t-shirt family quilt (cute!) for Allison.  If I do decide to step away from the sewing machine today and get dressed, I will wear the shirt!  Thank you Christine and Mariann for gifting me these adorable "props"!

So, today, I'm going to Let GO & SEW (we all already know that it helps!),  I hope you can, too!

Be Safe & Sound,



P.S.  Wouldn't those blue and whites make a pretty palette (yes, it is spelled correctly...I just googled it) for a quilt....hmmm.......?

If you want to get this fabulous duo - the shirt is a Life is Good shirt (I LOVE that company! - and the ampersand!), - the mug you would need to google as the font on the bottom is a -2, I think, and I can't find my magnifying glass.  :)

Hey - you read all the way to the bottom (I think)!  Comment below and copy/paste in an email to us at, then add your snail mail address - AND I will send you something nice from Quiltsmart!


  1. Love those colors and the slogan on the mug! Good luck with the quilt today.

  2. Yeah, you found it! Remember to copy/paste to info@ with your address to get your surprise! Hint: it is NOT another project! I started the finishing of the quilt, lol! Sewing away!

    1. Thanks for the special Quiltsmart treats! You spoil me!

  3. I'm making a blue and white Quiltsmart Tree of Life quilt right now. That's why I had to order the lopping ruler. Couldn't believe how quick I got it.

    1. Thanks so much! We try.... let us know if you have any questions. Take care! Mattie