Monday, September 21, 2020

Sewing & Quilting Marathon with myself!

That's what I am doing today.  The projects are piling up... so, one at a time, here we go!  My goal is to get the piled-high-on-the-bed empty and the projects finished.  I'm not working on research today, I’m working on patterns we already, that is easy on the brain!   Well, it's good to have goals, right?

It is a large pile.  Though it does not look organized, it is, so even that feels good. But I’ll admit, today I'd like to have a clone. Maybe I can buy one on Amazon. 


Apple Core Pack  


Fusing last row of cores! 

NOON: Zig-zag & Quilt.  I could do it at the same time, but I want to have the ability to be freer with the quilting than have to go around the edge of each apple core. I am a quilter wanna-be....not very good at that right now!

Top is zigzagged!  

Put aside to make a Minnie Mouse apron.

Walk "the Butte"....we need exercise too!

3:30pm  Finished 2 pillows. 

Made aprons- will put pics in a future blog- look for one about costumes!  Tooooo fun! 

Now I need to clean off the bed- or sleep on the couch! 

When I get the quilt quilted, I’ll post a photo!  

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