Thursday, July 30, 2020

Pretty Smart! Our Apron, of course! "Live-Blog"....

This is a Post Blog Post:  Anna got her apron in the mail and loves it! She texted: "Thank YOU!  This is super cute, and it's comfy, and it makes my figure look good!"  That is probably because Anna is super cute!

Hi Friends and Quiltsmarties NEW & Never Old....
It was 97 degrees in the warehouse today, so we nixed the Facetime Live, as my studio is in the warehouse,....would have been a HOT topic though!
Instead, I'm going to do my first BLOG-LIVE from Bend Oregon!  I'm going to POST REAL TIMES (I promise!).  It is actually quicker to make than will show here, as I am taking pics, uploading, and writing the blog. 
This pattern is one of our Christmas in July patterns, so get it while it is HOT!
It's a great pattern and my daughter-in-law, Anna, just happens to need an apron, and she happens to LOVE sunflowers...

There are a LOT of references for symbolic meanings for sunflowers. Of course, their namesake is the sun itself.  They are happy, joyful flowers which tend to brighten anyone's spirit.  Google it fort more is quite interesting. 

Fabric from Homestead Quilts and Gallery, LaPine, Oregon!

Here we go....
5:13pm, Pacific Daylight Time 
Gather my materials.  I am going to use a towel for the bottom of the apron.  I love wearing it this way in the kitchen, as you might guess if you know me - I need a towel attached to me.
There are two versions - the towel on a strap, and the towel as the base of the apron.  I like the second version which is what I will show tonight.  Any questions can go through Facetime, or  Please give us until tomorrow to get them answered, as the team is off for the night.  
Pretty Smart Apron Pack

 5:29pm, PDT
Opening the package...

2 Aprons in one pack!
Sew on the line - it's sew EASY!

Once you have the instructions, you can get the interfacing by the panel from your local quiltshop or at


5:48pm. PDT
Don't fuse yet!

Cut straps.  I thought this measurement fabric might be fun, as you would have a "yardstick" with you while wearing the apron!

LOL - As I went to sew the straps, I realized that the numbers, no "Yardstick"!

 6:01pm PDT
Oh my... this would confuse the heck out of a kid!  Sorry!  Although, our second grade Coco would probably just say, "That's crazy!".

BTW, no editing as I'm trying to do "real sewing time".  Going to switch to Italics, too, because my program seems to want to only do that! Straps are done!  You could also use twill tape for ties...and do you have any mask ties leftover?  Those might work.

6:18pm PDT
Place the fabrics RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER. You can use two different ones if you wish (2 fat quarters).  
Fuse the fabulous interfacing with sewing lines to the WRONG SIDE of the fabric.  The middle becomes a pocket!  The instructions go into nice detail as to how to place the interfacing.

 6:41pm PDT
 Pin and sew on the solid lines, tucking the straps in a marked spots - isn't that cool.
 Going around one side of the neckline.  The other one is kept open for a neck strap.  (Apparently the italics issue I had corrected itself!)
Sewing around the pocket area.

So Anna is watching!  Hi Anna and Marty.... I hope you like this!

Since you are watching, you can choose the color of the bar mop cloth....  They will be in the pics.

6:48pm PDT
Put the straps inside the bib so you don't cut them off when you are trimming the bottom!

Trim on all dashed lines (marked on the interfacing!!!) with a rotary cutter if you dare or scissors.  I like using the rotary cutter, but go slow.

Think about which color Bar Mop Towel - I LOVE the Bar Mop towels, they are super absorbent and very inexpensive.  I got 4 for $4.99, so it is easy to make these for gifts!  Interestingly, I got mine at Tuesday Morning and they only had 2 colors - because they are not currently getting regular deliveries due to Covid.  I'm sure they are available online, too.

6:58pm PDT
Press hems in the bottom of bib, and pocket top.  I clip around the neckline curve and also at the pocket top.

7:03pm PDT
 Stitch across the top open seam with the neck strap tucked inside.

Anna says, "Green"!

7:10pm PDT
Turn it.  Press. Anna - would you like the pocket on the bib or the towel?  The only thing with putting it on the towel is that it is only on one side of the towel, so if you do reverse it, it would be on the underside...but, not really a big problem.

A Pointer-Creaser and Hemostat are both helpful tools.  Sadly, I can't find my pointer-creaser to show you.  I'm sure that Bennie knows where it is!

7:23pm PDT
Pocket can go on the bib, or the towel.  I am just waiting to hear which way Anna might like that.  Then, I will zigzag across the seam where the towel joins the bib, and then topstitch.

Back at cha in a bit.....

Anna says, "Bib"....

I'm going to stop typing "PDT" - Pacific Daylight Time.

One choice you have to sew the towel to the bib is to join it to one side, then sew the second we did waistbands in Jr. High Home Ec!  The bar mop towels have a little stretch to them, so you can stretch (not too much) a little to get it across the bib if the bib is bigger.  The towels come in all sorts of sizes, so it really depends on your towel size.  If the bib is smaller, you can pleat or gather the towel to fit it.

I thought you all might like to see the inside of the joining of the bar mop towel to the bib.  Now I will just stitch across.... the zigzag is nice because it catches everything - well, one would hope.

I'll see if Anna will take a photo of her wearing the apron when she gets it.  I'll pop it in the mail tomorrow!

We will figure out getting questions answered in real time!
Let us know if you liked this LIVE format!

Stay-tuned for ANOTHER BLOG coming up (maybe LIVE???).  The next one is about Caesar Salad and it is not Julius - who knew!... and QuiltSprouts.... just to continue this cooking theme.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for "watching"!  We love you!

Marty - Look very closely at the pocket.
Good Night All....
Mom / Mattie


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  2. Nice job Mattie!! I love the sunflowers

  3. Thanks, Terri! It is so easy to gift this when it only calls for 2 fat quarters and and hour or so of time! Thanks for "watching"!
    Virtual hugs, Mattie