Tuesday, April 28, 2020

What I googled so far today...

...while making a new Quiltsmart bag (sneak peek to come):

1) How to make chocolate chips (not cookies, chips!). 
You can!  Yeah!  And, they look pretty easy.
But, I didn't make them, because my girlfriend Kathleen got me the Unreal Chocolate Almond Butter Cups that I love, but she got 4 bags of 6 instead of 4 bags of 2!  Still even that is incriminating. Go Kathleen!  Yeah!  So, those will satisfy...but, when I am ready I am going to...try these

2) When was the Tupperware burp seal invented? 1938 - but check it out - interesting story about Earl Tupper!

3) Images for unusual face masks - mostly you will get things like a chocolate or avocado mask to put on your face.... not the face masks we have been making in our sleep. Maybe we all need the chocolate or avocado ones!  My daughter sent me a chocolate one and I am excited to try it!

4) Images for really comfy bar height chairs with wheels for working on a computer.  They look like tall work chairs.

5) How far do you need to walk to negate eating 1 Unreal Chocolate Almond Butter Cup! info - there are 80 calories in one piece - I could have read that off the back of the pkg, but I tossed them up into the highest cupboard, and I can't reach it without a ladder.  I could get out the ladder, but I gotta get back to sewing! Though I wonder how many calories are burned by getting on the ladder.

6) How many miles do you need to walk to burn 80 calories? I would need to do more investigating and I need to get back to the bag - but a rough estimate might be (for me)...because it varies, about 1 minute per calorie.  So if I eat one of the candies, I need to walk for 80 min.  Hmm.... I will investigate further.  I could run in place while sewing.  I wonder if there is a treadmill that could be hooked up to a sewing machine.....  Alexa...do you know?

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