Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Bunny Bowl Fillers - "Quiltsmart LIVE!" project close-up photos. YOU ASKED, we deliver!

"Quiltsmart LIVE!" had its 3rd program yesterday and the main comment we received was that the lighting was not good and it was difficult to see the projects up close.  We will try to fix that!  We appreciate your comments and aim to please.  Meanwhile, here are some of the close ups.  Let us know at if you have any questions - or message us during "Quiltsmart LIVE!".

Quiltsmart Bunnies & Carrots Interfacing (one is left facing, one is right facing)
7" x 10" wool or other fabric
Embroidery floss or contrast thread
Pointer Creaser is handy to have

Please refer to Quiltsmart Live! March 30" for more information.

NOTE: More photos coming on Thursday, April 1.
Ready to be stuffed and embroidered.

Embroidery stitch is a Running Stitch.  Eye is a French Knot.

You may fold under the carrot if you wish for a little nicer finish.

Bunny tail is simply the stuffing slighty tacked down.
An alternate leaf style.  Cut slits in a small piece of wool.
Completed Bunny & Carrot

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