Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Bunnies & Carrots Placematties - "Quiltsmart LIVE!" Project Close-ups

 See previous post for Bowl Fillers.  More step-by-step pictures coming in the next few days! 

Mattie at 5 years old with Bunny Cake.

The pattern for the bunny was inspired by a cake my mom made for 3 of her 6 children who had birthdays in April!  She always put little carrots by the bunny's mouth. Maybe all bunnies look the same, but to me those were perfect! Thanks mom, for always making our birthdays so special!

These pics are from the Bunnies & Carrots March 31 project.  Have fun with these Bunnies - they can be added to so many things.

This pic is the Bunny & Carrot on Quiltsmart's extremely fun and wonderfully adorable  Placematties!

More in-process pics in a few days!  Also, completed projects: pillows, placemattie, runner, bowl fillers and an idea of how to set a table with the placemats!

Love & Care, Mattie
Close up of bunny ear prior to embroidery/couching, etc.

Note the zigzapping (zigzag stitch around the edges).

The zigzapping stitch I like to use is a 2.5mm length and a 1.5mm width.  If you are new to this, use a 2.0mm length and the same width.
I tell this to my classes - it is easy to remember and a little easier to manage.  Adjust to your liking if you wish as you practice more.

I used a heavy thread as I was out of floss!

I might redo the embroidery on this little guy.
I got some black embroidery floss and will use that. It is softer than the thick thread and I think will make a nicer finish.
The stitching is hard to see on the bar mop fabric!

Bunny shown with embellishment of leaves.

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