Friday, November 13, 2020

We all need attention. AND: Truck & Tree FREE Instructions!

I was cleaning out my "pattern" cupboard - that is in quotes because it had precious few patterns and much more fabric - and looked over to see this sight.  Awh..... popped out of my mouth!  Bennie did not get his usual walk today, or even a trip to the office, as it is crazy nasty weather and I didn't want him to go out.

I put him on the porch so he could decide for himself and he turned right around and went back in - but I don't think he understood my "mom knows best" intent.

Once he realized he wasn't going anywhere, he started taking out the toys (neat and findable now that I have my adorable little pantry with a dog toy basket on the bottom open shelf- another blog).  I played with him for a bit, giving him that attention he was craving and also getting a few steps in for the day, then had to get to work on a new idea that we have - we are so excited!

Note the truck pillow in the background - made with our 2.5" grid.  So fun!  I call it "Truck & Tree" - very clever, right? 2.5" Grid Panel The wheels are our ZigZapp 5, 4, 3" circles. 5, 4, 3" ZigZapps Circles I used the 3", but you could do a monster truck with bigger wheels!   

Truck & Tree Instructions - Free Download     

Grid Instructions - FREE Download    

The hubcaps and "star" are from the scrap button jar.  I spray painted them silver with a leftover can of paint....soooo - free! I love "free"!

I used my "signature"...ha ha, not sure if it is "mine", envelope back treatment of  2 fat quarters folded and overlapped to fit the pillow size, then stitched right sides together to the pillow top.  This works great for 16" and 18" pillows.

Back to work as our target date for the latest big idea pattern is... - better not say, will put to much pressure on me.  Let's just say it is close.

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 Take care, sew for therapy, & take time to give attention to your loved ones and yourself!





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  1. Looking forward to the big idea pattern reveal. I've been trying to work on my sewing room, but keep collecting more fabric. I appreciate your videos on Facebook and the website.