Thursday, July 3, 2014

Brag Post: From the Email Archives- A Series of Photos from a Fellow Quiltsmartie

Here at Quiltsmart, we do our best to publish all the photos that are submitted to us either to our blog or the Facebook page.  We love that it inspires other people, and gives fresh ideas on uses for Quiltsmart products.  Plus, we're just darn flattered that folks are doing such amazing work using Quiltsmart printed interfacing.

In an effort to keep up with all of our past photo submissions, occasionally we'll take a trip through our email archives and find some photos that have been waiting for their debut.  Quiltsmartie Jos sent us an email with lots of photos and great descriptions.  Enjoy the photos from Jos!

Quiltsmart on the farm zigzapps!
On the Farm bed cover for her three year old grandson using Quiltsmart ZigZapps! On the Farm 
Note: Jos made one of these backwards so the trackers weren't all facing the same way.  This is not how the ZigZapps! naturally work, but we love the look of it.
Quiltsmart bunnies and carrots ZigZapps!
Little Rabbits bed cover for her one year old grandson using Quiltsmart ZigZapps! Bunnies & Carrots

pillow using Quiltsmart sweet heart ZigZapps!

Two pillows made using Quiltsmart ZigZapps! Sweet Hearts

pillow made using quiltsmart sweet heart zigzapps

Cell Phone Bags made by Jos using the Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag pattern
Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag

This is the second Quiltsmart Mondo Bag Jos has made, and she selected a patriotic red white and blue.
Quiltsmart Mondo Bag

Quiltsmart Mondo Bag

Quiltsmart Mondo Bag

Thank you Jos for showing us all of your wonderful projects!  You did a GREAT job!

Do you have a photo, or photos to share?  We'd love to see them.  Contact us and show us what you've got.

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