Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Quiltsmart Shop Displays at Homestead Quilts and Gallery

Homestead Quilts and Gallery

LaPine, Oregon

Quiltsmart Shop displays at Homestead Quilts and Gallery in LaPine, Oregon

Quiltsmart printed interfacing
Homestead Quilts & Gallery owner, Cathy said that having a Quiltsmart display right at the register has made a tremendous improvement in her Quiltsmart sales. Her customers are more frequently asking about the product and showing interest. This type of display not only makes it easier to show customers what Quiltsmart ZigZapps! are, but it makes it easier to cut panels from the roll!

Quiltsmart store display
Even small displays will help sell product! Here Cathy has samples of the Quiltsmart Bottle Bag with one of Quiltsmart's newest products, Rugged Quilts.

Quiltsmart printed interfacing rolls

This hanging display was created using an old, wood ladder and hanging Quiltsmart interfacing bags from the ladder. The zipper at the bottom means the interfacing rolls simply slide out when needed and the bags can easily be taken down or put back up as necessary. This is not only a space saver, but keeps the interfacing fresh and stored neatly.

Homestead Quilts & Gallery has several Quiltsmart samples on display throughout the store. This one  shows the Quiltsmart Mondo Bag, Midi Bag, Bitty Bag and the Quiltsmart Market Bag. This makes it easy to describe the pattern to customers, get them interested in a pattern, or show them what to expect from a class.

Spinning display racks such as this one showcase the product and make it easy for a customer to find the Quiltsmart pattern they're looking for.

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