Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Very "Mondo" Christmas

Our workshop has been ablaze with sewing projects, and the elves have been happily quilting up goodies (between cookie breaks of course!), all to make this a very "Mondo" Christmas for a few lucky recipients.  As most sewists know, when it comes to gifting handmade, it can be challenging to make something that will genuinely be appreciated and used. The Quiltsmart Mondo Bag is the perfect handmade gift because it's both stylish and functional, (if we may say so ourselves :)

The Mondo bags pictured will all be gifted, and were created with the recipient in mind. They are all unique in their own way, whether it be a longer strap, quilted panels, or themed fabric. The best part about using Quiltsmart printed interfacing is the time you same on the sewing, which allows so much more creative freedom.

Did you make a Mondo bag for a Christmas gift? We'd love to see it, Contact Us to submit a photo and description.

Wishing you a very MONDO Christmas from all of us here at Quiltsmart!

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