Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Brag Post: Fall-ing in Love with the Quiltsmart Midi Bag

The first official day of Fall has come and gone, and we're already enjoying this lovely season.  The season of falling leaves, cozy fires, beautiful colors, great smells, and baked goods.

Quiltsmart Midi BagEven quilting looks different in Fall!  We start to see tons of warm colors that become a welcome reprieve from the bright, colorful tones of Spring and Summer, and start to get us in the mood for pumpkins and spice.

Quiltsmart Midi Bag
All of the wonderful sights, smells, and thoughts of Fall come to mind when you see the Quiltsmart Midi Bag Quiltsmartie Ann from A Little Touch of Color made. It's truly something to Fall in love with <3

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