Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Introducing Quiltsmart's Two Newest Practical Art Patterns

Quiltsmart Banner Flags and Quiltsmart Raw-Edge Letters
Quiltsmart Practical Art Banner Flags and Quiltsmart Raw-Edge Letters spell out "Give Thanks"
Here at Quiltsmart, Mattie has been busy designing, testing and producing several new patterns this year.  We have already introduced you to the Quiltsmart Maple Leaf, Quiltsmart Bear Paw, the Quiltsmart Gadget Cushion, our newest Quiltsmart ZigZapps! Hexagons, and a few more... Well with all of that quilting comes some celebrating, and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate that with our newest additions to the Quiltsmart family.

Quiltsmart Banner FlagsIf you have seen Mattie out and about at the trade shows, you may have got a glimpse of these new lovelies which will be hitting your local quilt shop soon.  If you have, you must be as excited as we are!  What we love the most about our newest Practical Art patterns is the ability to use them for just about anything.  Think every day decor, parties, holidays, quilts, or embellishments.

Quiltsmart Banner Flags
The printed fusible interfacing Quiltsmart is known for has made making your own banner flags easier than ever.  They are sure to be uniform in size and shape every time, and they sew up quickly!

Quiltsmart Banner Flags
Quilt binding pinned to the Quiltsmart Banner Flags
To make these great banner flags, simply fuse interfacing to the wrong side of your desired fabric, put another fabric of choice right sides together with the now fused fabric, and sew on solid lines.  You will then cut on the dashed lines, and add bias tape or binding strips measured to fit.  It's that simple!

Would you believe it gets easier? Seriously... The Quiltsmart Practical Art Raw-Edge Letters are so simple, you'll want to use them on everything!
Quiltsmart Raw-Edge Letters
Quiltsmart Raw-Edge Letters
The letters are pre-printed on our Quiltsmart printed interfacing.  Simply cut the interfacing around the desired letters, press them to the wrong side of your desired fabric, cut on the dashed lines, and sew them onto your project (you can use a finished zig zag stitch, or a straight stitch that will create a cute, frayed affect over time.)That's it!  Simple enough?

We're so happy to bring you the newest additions to our Quiltsmart family, and hope you have as much fun working with them as we did creating the pattern!  Now, get up and quilt something :)

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