Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Brag Post: The Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring

Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I recently came across a photo on Twitter posted by Quiltsmartie Michelle.  She had just finished the Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring class taught by Mattie at BJ's Quilt Basket in Bend, OR.  Her photo was a great representation of the Double Wedding Ring, and we were thrilled that she shared it with her social media fans.

Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring finished block
Michelle's Finished Block
Michelle blogged about her experience on her blog Autrely Adorable Design, her blog is chocked full of projects featuring her experience and feedback.  Be sure to check it out!

Here's what Michelle has to say about her experience with the Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring quilt

Fabric for Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring
I've been saving this Becky Kelly faerie fabric for about three years waiting for the perfect pattern. I've wanted to make it into a double wedding ring for about a year now but was scared of the complexity of the pattern. I was very excited to see BJ's Quilt Basket offer a double wedding ring class as part of their festival. I didn't really know what QuiltSmart was at that time, as long as I could make the arc in such a way that it looked pieced, well that was what was important to me.  I bought my pattern and my supplies, not daring to use the faerie fabric for my first try, and headed to class. 

Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring ArcsI am really pleased by the variety of options that QuiltSmart offers. I stuck to the solid arcs for my first attempt and am really happy with the result. I'm going to make one more pillow so I have a set before trying a table runner with a pieced arc. I am enjoying the simplicity of the process and I had a fantastic instructor in class.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try another QuiltSmart project with the Row by Row Experience. I used some templates by QuiltSmart to construct the block's house, trees, and canoe. I'm thankful that I had the class first, otherwise I would have been lost trying to make this block. Overall, this is a product that I will use again, I've got my eye on the Liberty pattern for next year. :)

Thank you Michelle for sharing your great photos and your quilting experience with us!  If you have a Quiltsmart project you'd like featured in a Brag Post, Contact Us!

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