Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quilting with Quiltsmart- A Gift for the Kids

Quiltsmart Watercolor 2.5" interfacing
Cloth Napkins and Pot Holders using Quiltsmart

Good morning everyone!  Mandy from Quiltsmart here.  A few weeks ago my kids were gifted the cutest little vintage play kitchen.  Upon bringing it home, they immediately had hours of fun.  They took out their play dough and "cooked" us food, they pretended to be chefs, and even for a brief little while completely got along without arguing.  It was pure magic!

But.... their kitchen just seemed to be missing something...  They had pots, pans, utensils, and great imagination, so what else could they possibly need?  Well, a few days later, I was digging through my UFO box to find a piece of fabric, and I found some Quiltsmart Watercolor 2.5" interfacing already fused to some really cute fabric that just happened to go with their kitchen.  Because we really try to avoid waste at Quiltsmart, and re-use whenever possible, Mattie gave me this piece a few months ago in the hopes that I'd find something to use it for.  That moment had arrived :)

Quiltsmart Pot HoldersI started with the pot holders, using the Watercolor interfacing, I cut out 4 squares for each side of both pot holders.  This was four sets of four squares for two potholders.  I sewed on the lines, pressed and sandwiched interfacing between the two layers.  The quilting was just a simple X from corner to corner. Since this was a quick project for the kids, I wasn't exact with anything, just went with the flow.  After quilting the top and bottom together, I added binding and a loop for them to hang the pot holders with.

cloth napkins using Quiltsmart ZigZapps! HexagonsThe cloth napkins are double sided.  Both use Quiltsmart Watercolor 2.5" interfacing on one side, and a solid cotton accented with the Quiltsmart ZigZapps! Hexagons on the other side.

This appears to be a lot of steps, but I hope the extra details help, and it does go very quickly!

To make the napkins: 

  • Cut two pieces of Watercolor interfacing five squares by three squares
  • Cut fabric squares to 2.5" x 2.5", you'll need a total of 30 fabric squares
  • Fuze squares to interfacing
  • Sew on solid lines going one way first.  Clip gently at seams so they'll lay flat when you sew the other direction
  • Press seams flat
  • Sew on lines the other direction
  • Press seams flat
  • Measure the rectangles you just made (this can vary a bit based on seam allowances used).  I like to square my pieces up while measuring too
  • Cut two pieces of fabric from your fabric of choice the size you just measured
  • Add ZigZapps! of choice for an accent
  • Sew Watercolor interfacing and the fabric you cut to match it right sides together  leaving an opening to turn out
  • Press all around the napkin
  • Top stitch all around closing the opening you left to turn the napkins right side out

Step back and enjoy your work!

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