Friday, July 25, 2014

Brag Post: A Mariner's Compass with the Help of Quiltsmart

Quiltsmartie Nancy made a beautiful, gorgeous, amazing quilt (it's really that great!), and we just HAD to share it with you!  Nancy explains the process better than I ever could, so in her own words, here is her description of what she did to achieve such a fun, unique look using the Quiltsmart Mariner's Compass pattern.

Quiltsmart Mariner's Compass Quilt Top
Nancy's finished quilt top prior to being quilted
"I used Quiltsmart for the complete Mariner's Compass in the upper left
corner and also for the partial Mariner's Compass in the lower right
corner. The Flying Geese I just cut and sewed. I found a paper-piecing
pattern on-line for the circle of geese in each corner.

When my daughter got married I told her to pick out a quilt pattern and
then we would go shopping for fabric together. She chose a stack-n-whack
at first and I wasn't thrilled with making another one of those, so I
suggested she consider something else. I did not even know what a
Mariner's Compass was when she told me that is what she wanted. I bought
some books which were completely overwhelming and took a little one
afternoon course at a local quilt shop on how to do paper-piecing (since
I had never done that before). The quilt I made looks very similar to
the photograph she found...I just came up with my own stars, etc. It has
definitely been a challenge, but I am glad to have done it. I think I
saw a video on Facebook about using the Quiltsmart product and quickly
ordered it! I saved the clip from YouTube and watched it over and over
again as I was using your product! It was from a quilting television
show...Kaye something I think. We purchased the fabric almost two years
ago, but I had a little interruption of needing to make a baby quilt for
her daughter!"

Note: The Kaye Nancy refers to in her note, is the wonderful Kaye Wood avid quilter and blogger.  Find out more about Kaye here.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful quilt Nancy!  If you have a Quiltsmart project you'd like to share, we'd love to see it.  Contact us to send your photos.

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