Friday, April 25, 2014

The Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag- Possibly the Most Practical Item Ever!

Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag Collage
Deer grazing outside our local community college
Deer grazing outside our local community college
Living in gorgeous Central Oregon, nature is always beckoning us outside.  However, the responsibilities of life and work call for always being close at hand and accessible.... I've seen many statements made recently about parents always having their phones in hand, and it's true!  In this modern world in which we live, you can never get too far from  your cell phone.  It has become a lifeline for many.  We use it for work, personal communication, email, and so much more!  Our cell phones have virtually eliminated the need for many other means of work and communication, allowing us to be constantly on the go, or accessible at a moments notice.

The scene from the top of Pilot Butte in Bend
A photo from the top of Pilot Butte in Bend, OR
The view hiking the River Trail in Bend, OR
The view hiking the River Trail in Bend, OR

Because of the need to have our phones near us at all times, we need a fashionable, practical way to carry our phones.  The Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag, allows for just this!  Whether it be a hike, a night out, or just everyday tasks, the Cell Phone Bag will keep your phone near you and your hands free to do other stuff.  It also makes a great gift for just about anyone, and with enough interfacing to make (3) bags included with the fun pack, you can make one for each of your favorite outfits.

For active, outdoor folks who like to hike but don't love the irritation of the arm bands, or frustration of trying to keep their phone in their pocket, the Quiltsmart Cell Phone bag is a perfect alternative.  The phone and headphones fit neatly inside with no bulk, while the bag sits comfortable near your hip.
Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag with Headphones

Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag with Phone and Headphones
Phone and headphones fit neatly with no bulk

For reference:  The phone in the photo is an Iphone 4S, as you can tell, once inside, it fits perfectly with room to move around.   It is easy to slide out when needed to.

Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag and Camera

Another common item to carry while hiking, or going to an event, is a camera.  The Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag easily holds a small camera and the cable.  You could even swap out the cable if you won't be needing it, and still put your phone in the bag!  It will easily fit both devices.

Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag with Camera and Cord

This photo shows you the room you have around the camera to add a lip gloss, gum, or other small objects you may want to carry with you.

The camera and the cord disappear nicely into the bag, with little to no bulk.  A comfortable way to make sure you have your camera when you need it!

Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag with night out itemsImagine going on a date night, or evening out with the girls and being able to carry everything you needed without the bulk of a purse.  The Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag, will hold cards, your phone and even a lipgloss making a night out both practical and fashionable.

Quiltsmart Cell Phone bag with phone, lipgloss and cards
The best part is, no one will ever know you have that much stuff in there!  It's so flat and lacking in bulk, you'll forget you're even wearing it.

If you have made a Quiltsmart Cell Phone Bag, we'd love to see it!  Use the Contact Us and use any of the methods listed to send your photos.

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