Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Quilted Halls of Quiltsmart

Quilts at Quiltsmart

As you pull up to the Quiltsmart building, you will find a large warehouse with gorgeous views of the mountains and skies in the middle of town.  It is where all of the interfacing gets printed, designs get drawn, customer service calls are taken, and websites get maintained.  When you walk in the front door, you are in a long hall way with quilts, bags and wall hangings gracing the walls and displays.  I still find new things to stop and look at every time I'm there.  Here is a sampling of some of the items on display in the Quiltsmart halls-

Quiltsmart Apple Core and Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring Quilt
 A quant quilt rack holds a very fun, and modern Quiltsmart Apple Core quilt and a Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring quilt.  

Hanging behind this quilt rack is a large Quiltsmart 58" Lone Star.  You can also see a portion of a Quiltsmart Carolina Lilly quilt.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of just that quilt, but I'll try to get one posted soon.
Quiltsmart Lone Star quilt

This tower is filled with Quiltsmart Midi Bags and few Cell Phone Bags.
Another one of my favorites, is the Quiltsmart Quarter Circle quilt.  The fabric used in this one, is so classic. 
Quiltsmart Quarter Circle Quilt

A small Kapa Sampler quilt hangs next to the Midi bags and above the Quarter Circle quilt.
Quiltsmart Kapa Sampler

If you happen to wander into the restroom, you will see a tower of Bitty Bags 
Quitsmart Bitty Bags
Mattie's office another place full of inspiration.  She has a few quilts hanging on a couch and some pillows made from Quiltsmart patterns.  But, the focal point I love the most are the wall hangings she has by the door.  There is a small Double Wedding Ring wall hanging that was made for Mattie by a friend.  Next to that is a wall hanging using Quiltsmart's At the Cabin and  Star Struck ZigZapps!   The last wall hanging always makes me want an espresso!  Made using Quiltsmart Coffee Break ZigZapps!

We very much hope you enjoyed this mini tour of the halls of Quiltsmart!  We have many, many more inspirations hanging around, and hope to bring photos of them to you soon.  In the meantime, get to work quilting smarter, not harder!

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