Monday, April 7, 2014

Brag Post- Quiltsmart Lone Star Meets Quiltsmart Mariner's Compass

Quiltsmart Lone Star Quiltsmart Mariner's Compass

Quiltsmartie Aileen shares with us a gorgeous quilt she made for her daughter's wedding. She stated that it will be hard for her to give it away.  I'd say that makes it one very special gift!

 Aileen used a double fold binding which is white on the front and gold on the back.  The quilt measures 106"x 106" and was entered into the NW Washington Fair.

Quiltsmart Lone Star Quiltsmart Mariner's Compass

This quilt was made using the Quiltsmart 58" Lone Star for the center.  Between the Lone Star points you will find the Quiltsmart Mariner's Compass.  Aileen also uses the Mariner's Compass around the border of the quilt tying it all in.

Lone Star quilting
The quilting adds another level of creativity to the quilt.  It really draws you in and gives you a lot to look at.  Just look at those feathers around the Mariner's Compasses!

Lone Star Quilting
Lone Star Quilting
Thank you Aileen for sharing your wonderful quilt with us!  I know your daughter and her new husband will cherish it.  Have you ever combined Quiltsmart patterns, or done a creative twist on a Quiltsmart design?  We'd love to see it!  

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