Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Brag Post- A Duo of Lone Stars

Quiltsmartie Alice made this gorgeous Lone Star quilt using 30's fabric and Quiltsmart's Anne's Butterfly ZigZapps! around the border.  The colors of the fabric work very well together while the white background really brightens everything up.  This quilt is sure a beautiful site!

Alice also made this blue and brown Lone Star quilt with a coordinating border.  I love how in contrast to the previous quilt which was more traditional patterns and colors, this one is so fun and modern.  Alice has done a wonderful job showcasing the Lone Star quilt, and we hope it inspires you to make one soon!  Thanks for sharing Alice!


  1. I just bought the 58" Lone Star and Liberty Crown interfacings today at HMQS in Salt Lake City. Can't wait to try this method, but can't decide which one to start with!

  2. That's a tough decision Rochelle :) Once you decide, we'd love to see photos as you put it together!