Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring- An Artistic Expression by the Quiltsmart Staff

Quiltsmart Trade Show Booth
Quiltsmart Trade Show Booth
 When Mattie called us into the Quiltsmart sewing studio and asked us each to paint on fabric with the Paintstiks laid out, I could never have pictured how beautiful the end result would be... A quilt featuring a square made by each member of the Quiltsmart staff! The first time I saw the completed project, was in a photo from the Sewing & Stitchery Expo, and I thought, "Wow... just wow!"   Who knew artistic quilting could be so modern, and fun?  So, it is with great excitement that I bring to you Quiltsmart's oil painted Double Wedding Ring quilt by the Quiltsmart staff. 

Quiltsmart Double Weding Ring Quilt
Quilt on it's Side

Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring Quilt
Quilt Upright 

This quilt is perfect as a bed runner or wall hanging. Because of it's size, it is quick to make, and requires very little fabric.

The oil Paintstiks were very easy to use, but required a little bit of practice to get the pressure and texture we wanted just right.  We used Shiva Paintstik and Doodles rubbing plates pictured below.  These should be available at any local craft store, or are easily ordered online.  

Shiva Paintsik and Doodles Rubbing Plates
Shiva Paintstik and Doodles Rubbing Plates


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