Monday, March 31, 2014

Quiltsmart Bitty Bag with Modification

Quiltsmart Bitty Bag
Bitty Bag with Grommets

Plastic snap-on grommets are a simple and really practical modification to the Quiltsmart Bitty Bag.  They can be found near the drapery accessories in most craft stores, fabric stores, and local quilt shops, and come in a package of 8.  There are various sizes to choose from, and in this Bitty Bag, we chose the smaller ones.  What is great about the plastic drapery grommets in particular, is they are removable if you ever need to adjust them or if you find the fabric starts to pull out.

To use:
The grommets come with a template that you simply trace on the fabric where you'd like the grommets to be placed.

Carefully cut out around the inside of your tracing lines.  You want to go slow and try not to cut any fabric outside the line you drew.

Place the front part of the grommet (raised center side) through the hole you just cut out, and snap the back part of the grommet (prong side) onto the front part.

** You will notice a small rectangular opening on the snap-on grommet after putting it on the Bitty Bag.  This small opening is to remove the grommet if needed.  Simply, place a small flat head screw driver in that opening and gently twist.  The two grommet pieces will come apart.

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