Friday, March 21, 2014

Brag Post- Quiltsmart Double Wedding Ring Quilts

Queen Size Double Wedding Ring
Double Wedding Ring Quilt Queen Size

The Double Wedding Ring quilt, with the interlocking rings, symbolizes everlasting love.  It is believed by many, that a married couple who sleeps under a Double Wedding Ring quilt will be protected, and their marriage will last.  Because of the traditional curved piecing method for a Double Wedding Ring quilt, many quilters view it symbolic of experience, time, challenge, or patience.  Fortunately, Quiltsmart has made the Double Wedding Ring quilt pattern easier using the appliqué method and NO curved piecing.  With this method, the Double Wedding Ring quilt is a quilt that you can feel great about giving as a gift. while completing it rather quickly and without all of the fuss of the traditional method.

Quiltsmartie Sheri has made several of the Double Wedding Ring quilts and shared a few photos with us.  The quilt featured at the top of the page was made by Sheri at the request of her cousin.  The recipients were her cousin's daughter and her new husband.  The recipient's names as well as the date they were married, and their lady name Hyatt (the H) are featured on the quilt as well.

Sheri's first Double Wedding Ring quilt

To the left is the first Double Wedding Ring quilt Sheri made.  The names of the recipients and the date they were married are embroidered on this quilt as well.

Black and White Double Wedding Ring Quilt
Black and White Double Wedding Ring quilt

Pictured to the right, is another Double Wedding Ring quilt Sheri made for a couple who had a black and white theme wedding.

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