Saturday, June 29, 2013

On... The Bitty Sister

Over the last couple years, we've come out with the Mondo Bag and Midi Bag...and, now baby sister, Bitty Bag! The little bags are great for cosmetics, yarn, dog walks, snacks...etc. These bags are so quick to make, that the Quiltsmart staff was sewing them up overnight!  Just wanted to share them... 

On the left, by Mattie...
Made with satin scraps. "Soft and Stable" by was used to stabilize the bag for because of the weight of the purchased handles. The pattern shows two variations, and both can use fabric straps or purchased cording or handles.

To the right, a great variation for grommet lovers! Just stitch up the bag per instructions, leaving the tabs off.  Also, note the couching of the satin ribbon trim...easy to embellish!  by Mattie

OK...cute!!!  Same bag, different closure! By Emilynn, who came to visit mom (Mattie) and see Quiltsmart in Oregon for the first time. When she saw our new Bitty Bag, she loved it. That Sunday, she got fabric and sewed it the same evening. She photographed it on Monday, and carried it on the plane on Tuesday. Great visit - not all sewing - kayaking and rollerblading, too, in the beautiful Oregon mountains.


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