Saturday, March 9, 2013


No girl makes a pie for a guy unless she is smitten by him.  At least that's my theory.  Some may argue.  Maybe professional pie makers make pies for everyone they know.  But from my experience, if a guy gets a pie, then the girl who made it is smitten. 

I read a story once, bittersweet in its message, about a woman who was taking a college course as an adult.  She was a bit smitten with her professor.  One day she made him a peach pie as a "thank you" for inspiring her writing.  She was married and had a daughter.  The professor came by her house to thank the woman, but she did not answer the door; she pretended to be in the bathroom and let her daughter answer.  Her daughter later gave her the message that the professor just wanted to say how much he liked the pie - that it was the best peach pie he'd ever had.  The woman knew then that the professor was as smitten as she.  It was just a relationship that could not grow at that time in her life.

I tell this story because I do not believe that a woman bakes a pie for a man for any reason other than that she is smitten by him.  Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, bread...not the same.  A pie is dead ringer for "smitten".

I made a pie today.  It was a pecan pie for my sweetie.  I am not sure why love is one of the ingredients in a pie, but somehow it makes up for the slightly browned crust or the slightly moist interior - or at least it should.

I am not sure what the message is here, but guys (if any of you read this quilter's blog), know that if a girl makes you a pie she is smitten.  That pie has "love" written all over it.

I just took the pie out of the oven.  It looks good & smells good.  I am not sure that it matters how it tastes.  But, like the professor, I simply hope that it is the best pecan pie my sweetie has ever had, because love was the first ingredient.

(By the way, I use the recipe from the Light Karo Syrup label and leave the pecans whole.)

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