Saturday, October 20, 2012


The last few Saturday Blog mornings have come and gone a bit too quickly for me to write...traveling to Michigan, New York, Oregon, Ohio, Kentucky, in that 3 weeks. Why? Shows, move planning, and a family wedding.  So, I am moving 2000 miles across country!  The small details amaze me - I think I have 20 boxes and suddenly they procreate like bunnies and there are 100...and that's not counting the office!

Had a wonderful time in Davison, MI with the Davison Evening Star Quilters....what a great group of people!  Taught a class and gave a presentation.  We left there and drove 6 hours to Chautauqua, NY to present and vend with Mill Creek Sewing at "Quilting Around Chautauqua".  A "mondo" good time at both events.  What kind and wonderful people in this quilt industry!
On the porch of one of this month's many hotels

Between managing the business (and thank you SO much to all those who are there day in and day out to help with this!), the shows, moving, and attending the wedding in Cincinnati - Did I say, "Road Trip"....yup, and it was quite fun with grandbaby and parents and "fiancĂ©" just no time to write about it!  I tried one night, but fell asleep clutching the iPad.  And, did I say "125 Wine Shades" for the reception...thank you Steve, too!  The "fiancĂ©" part was a surprise over the weekend.  My sweetie and business partner, Steve and I are engaged!  My head is still spinning!

So, why do things simply? Let's get engaged, move the business, the home and try to do this all so seamlessly that no one notices we moved the company to the Pacific side of the country!

Or...just blog and let the chips fall where they may.  A friend suggested that I might be going nuts about now "what with the move and all".  I said, "No. What could go wrong? You get a truck, fill it up, drive it, unload it, put stuff away...and there you go...done".
It is a bittersweet move, as my kids live in Minnesota.  They are happy for me, but sad for me to leave...and me to leave them.  Once I accepted for myself that it is ok to be sad about leaving them...but still made things easier.  Thank goodness for Skype and texting, email and unlimited calling.  We will still connect, have holidays together, etc.

"Move"...usually this word conjures up all kinds of stress.  It is even at the higher portion of the triangle of stress we learned about in psych class.  Oh, I think getting married is, too...and then where does moving the business go on that triangle - is that above or below moving the house?  "Move"...right now, my buddies are all telling me I should be stressed out.  But, here is my mantra for this endeavor - "Move one foot in front of the other."  I figure this will work to set boxes on the loading dock, and to walk down an aisle.  And, I am very happy and excited to do both.

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