Saturday, September 1, 2012

On...Seeing Forever

(or is that sewing forever?) I've told my kids for years that if the time should come, I'd love a palmtree and an ocean outside my nursing home window. They have decided that a Hawaiian poster set under a window frame would do the trick. They are resourceful if not humorous.
When I am lucky enough to soak in a mountain view or stand beside the ocean (or Lake Michigan) heart and soul (not my car) are instantly calmed and everything seems possible. I wonder why that is.

I suspect that the answer lies in being able to see "forever"...a mountain 50 miles away, and the one behind that, and the one behind that...and so on and so on...forever. Or, the ocean...never ending. Is it the vastness that makes any problem seem small and therefore is calming - like the song that refers to feeling small when standing beside the ocean? Suddenly, the problems are small, too. Anything can be conquered.
When I work on a quilt in the small confines of a sewing table and studio, I am focused on only that...and that is calming, too. But, that negates my concept of the vastness theory. Maybe, the calm comes from being focused on something that makes one happy. Or, maybe the calm comes from "seeing forever" and also from "sewing forever"...hmmm, ahhhhh......

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