Saturday, September 22, 2012

On...finding one's place

With two shows back to back, there is a lot to do in the office!  My little 10 year old Scottie dog, Candy, looks at me with big black eyes and doesn't seem to understand my late hours...but, then, neither do my kids who are way older than 10!  I can't take the kids to work with me (as they all have jobs of their own, though they would be very helpful in the office!), but I can take my little sweet Candy.  So in the car she went one morning when she donned particularly big sad eyes...and it was "off to work we go".

After a week of taking her to work, I must say...I have grown rather attached to the idea, as I believe she has also.
She has found her place in the office...or the sun, one might say.  There is a window ledge in my office just large enough for her.  I had placed a chair in front of the window thinking that she might like to look out...but, she climbed up like the Princess and the Pea to new heights...she has always climbed as far as she can go (atta girl!)...and there she sits now watching all the delivery trucks come and go from the building.

I'm not sure that work will be the same without her.  She is fast becoming the "mascot" for the building...complete with her own "Scottie Dog" quilt.  The real question is...does she know?

How much is that doggie in the window...?
Priceless I am sure. At the very least she is relieving her mom of much guilt, while providing the delivery truck drivers and vendors some unexpected delight throughout the day. One of them looks for her at the loading dock and gives her a bone every day. Candy sits by the front door and awaits the postlady for an ear scratch.  She knows the security bell when someone comes to the front door and she greets them.  And, when the activity calms down after the last pick-up of packages...she retreats back to her window and falls blissful dream state!

I just look at her and think would we all be this calm and content if we all have found our place.  It might just be that it is very close and we just didn't look hard enough with our big eyes.

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