Saturday, September 8, 2012

On... "The Jellyroll Diet" Challenge

The jellyroll I used for my projects
I think of a "diet" as rules for a healthy life.  But, that could be a financial diet, an emotional diet, and....the one we usually think of - a nutritional diet.  Or, it can be a quilting diet.

But, how does one go on a quilt "diet" when surrounded with "jellyrolls, layer cakes, and candy bars"? Even thinking of these delicacies can turn us into "fat quarters" because thinking usually reverts to consumption. that consumption of more of these decadent pre-cut quilting staples, or is it consumption of the caloric variety?  Either way...there is a cost involved in more ways than one...either time to make the project, or time to expel the calories, not to mention the real definition of "cost".

I'm on a plane as I write this - heading from Oregon to Minnesota.  And - I got upgraded to first class.  As much as I despise the "class system" of flying - I keep my thoughts to myself when I am lucky enough to get the upgrade.  Why?  They give warm cookies and chocolate bars!  I wonder what the response from other first classers would be if they gave out a small fabric jellyroll instead? 

Jellyrolls are all matched  - you can tell at a glance if you like the selection.  For a girl who can't match colors and feels that you are half-way there if the fabric is cut -  this is a match made in heaven!  Generally, I find that If you love the jellyroll, you'll love the completed I can get pretty excited about sewing it up! Perhaps they are named more appropriately than we would have guessed...a sweet combination of perfection all rolled together.

My use of jellyrolls has been a closet addiction so far - though a newly acquired taste. I "acquire" them....I ponder what they will become.  I open them.  I re-roll them.  I don't tell people I have them.  For example - as I sit here in first class, my luggage below holds tight to not just one - but two jellyrolls..."had to haves" at the last stop to Fabric Depot by the airport in Portland!   I stopped with one goal - to get backgrounds and linings for the jellyroll (projects sewn up while in Oregon) I got there passing through at the beginning of the trip.  The key message there is that the jellyroll is already sewn up...why?...yes, you got it - because the cutting and matching are done (Quiltsmart makes it fast, too!) So, you just sew it easy!  So cathartic!  Can catharsis lead to burned calories?  I see a segue to a positive outcome here - where jellyrolls could be good for you physically! And, if my theory is a bit of a stretch - then, put your ironing board in the basement and your sewing machine get the idea!

To keep my new found fetish in check, I've given myself a challenge: to stitch up as many Quiltsmart patterns as possible from one jellyroll (backgrounds and linings aside - hence the second stop to the store).
Just returned home and pulled the jellyroll sewn pieces out of the suitcase to "audition" one of the background/linings.  I can't wait to finish them up!  Will post pics when they are done, so check back.  Have a great weekend...I'll be sewing!
My First Challenge:
38" Lone Star (cut off and save the triangles formed underneath)

I made a scrappy Lone Star, but did try to keep similar colors for the rings.  You can make it entirely scrappy, too (my next challenge!). Generally, Lone Stars made with a standard Jellyroll will need to be scrappy because you need more than one of the same fabric if you want a traditional Lone Star, and Jellyrolls typically have 40 strips of fabric, but the number of strips of each fabric design can vary.  So, scrappy is the way to go with Jellyroll Lone Stars.
Midi Bag #1
Midi Bag #2  (could have made one Mondo Bag instead of two Midis)
3 Cell Phone Bags (On the "A" side of the bag, butt and fuse the cut-off triangles from the Lone Star to cell phone bag interfacing.  Decorative stitch over the raw edges with decorative thread.)   

My next jelly roll challenge
I save the "crumbs" (minute left over snippets and scraps) for confetti for a gift, or stuffing for a project.  I keep a basket for these tiny pieces - they make great stuffing for pin-cushions, stools, etc.  You'll be surprised how fast your pile grows.

So, if you have a sweet tooth for jellyrolls - indulge in the perfect addiction and give yourself a challenge to see how far you can go with one roll!

Sweet thoughts and a Happy Day to you...

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