Saturday, August 25, 2012

On...Colorado Snapshot

  The only two rental cars left for "compact" (the car I choose for a trade show as it represents more of a challenge to me than a price break) were a black 4 door and, guess what! Yeah, an Alien Kia Soul! Alien...that is a green color that is appropriately named, I think.  It makes a great rental can find it in any parking lot!

On the drive to Loveland, CO for the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival, the mountains increase and the expanse of land east of the mountains is more than I am used to in Minnesota...Black-eyed Susans dot the sides of the country roads.

Somehow, the Black-eyed Susans (noticed last year when my daughter and I attended the show for the first time) were more impressionable than the Rocky Mountains in the distance...impressionable enough to illicit the urge to teach a class in that pattern this year.  And so, I did.   It was a great class with all the participants finishing their tablerunner in just 3 hours.  Nothing like leaving a class with a finished project to show off!

When I left for the airport headed to the west coast (a triangular trip) I had to first return the rental car.  As I drove past the black-eyed susan fields that I passed on the way to Loveland, I thought about the tablerunners, the excitement at the show, and my new ipad - wow...that is a segue!  Here is how it goes - Black-eyed Susan tablerunner, Black-eyed Susans, photos of Black-eyed Susans...taking photos with my new ipad...and...voila...I had "segued" myself to the side of the road and was photographing the beautiful wild Black-eyed Susans along the roadside.  I continued on to return the Soul, mentioned to the return agent how beautiful their roads were and how I captured the wild flowers on my ipad...and, she suggested that I capture the Soul, too!  So, I told her how I just purchased one of my own one month prior...and, how I thought they were as beautiful as the roadside flowers - kind of wild, and definitely smile provoking!  Then, she wanted to be in the photo, too...and that is why my Colorado photos are of Black-eyed Susans, a rental car agent, and an Alien green Soul - all which go least in this snapshot in time. 

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