Saturday, August 4, 2012

On... Go for the Gold!

Can you find the Olympic Rings?  If you can, you can make the Olympic logo...easy!  Hint:  This Double Wedding Ring Quilt is photographed "on-point".  Let us know if you make one...we love pictures!
We all root for the winner...sometimes we find out who it is even before the race!  Due to social networking and modern technology the news flashes across the world at olympic speeds.  I watch the swimming, gymnastics, beach volleyball, etc. and I marvel at the strength and endurance of the athletes.  We all admire the exceptionalism of the Olympians, yet they seem so far from what we know on a day to day basis.  My day to day is quilting, thus my mind wanders to that...and I wonder when that will be a competitive olympic sport.  How about "Competitive Lone Star" or "Double Wedding Olympic Rings"  (you can actually make the logo with the Double Wedding Ring pattern).

That could be a fun sport to think about.... a new competitive edge on quilting.  I have already heard of jellyroll competitions!  But, competitive or not...we all love the camaraderie of quilt guilds, quilt classes, and quilt retreats - we love to be part of the "team".  Adding the competitive edge just might give us a little incentive to finish our projects and allow us to be our own Olympian...even if the competition is just between ourselves and our own clock....wrap up that unfinished project in record time...maybe this weekend?  You will feel like you went for the Gold and won!  Give yourself a medal...or at least a bowl of ice cream!

We all root for the olympic athletes.   Do we root for the athletes in our smaller circle of friends?   We marvel at the winners of the Olympic sports.  Do we marvel at the quilter who organized the raffle, the champion in our office building, the secretary who smiles everyday, the child who gives their best but doesn't quite hit the finish line of success, the spouse who does the hard work of marriage everyday, the quilt shop clerk who says "hi" when you enter the door..."how can I help?", the friend who gives up their afternoon for your bad day.  Acknowledge these winners in your circle and you'll feel like an Olympian in your heart.  Who is an Olympian?  It might not be just athletes in London....look around...I'll bet you'll find some.  And, challenge yourself to "go for the gold" in the competitions in your own world!

Good for you!  You can do it!  Go....Go for it!

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