Saturday, June 23, 2012

On... "Where'd you get those shoebags?"

Last week I wrote about shoes as souvenirs.  This week I am packing to go on a trip, and what is the first thing I pack - my shoes.  I've never been one to pack my shoes in bags when traveling.  I've always used my socks and undies to wrap around the shoes.  Protected they were, but pretty packing didn't happen.  And, once the socks and undies went into the laundry bag, the shoes were left to wander on their own amidst the fat quarters that I inevitably acquired during whatever jaunt I was on.

Men's old ties or old men's ties? Super cute, either way.
Needless to say, I didn't notice this to be a problem, and in fact, in my reality it is not.  However, one of my quilting students gave me a gift one day.  It was a shoebag...made specifically for traveling with shoes.  I thanked her kindly and never used it (and I believe wholeheartedly in using gifts you get.) I just could never find a use for it, as my packing was not so, the shoebag hung in my closet until today, about 6 years later.

What precipitated the need to dig out the shoebag was a new pair of sandals I had purchased that were fragile - made of old neck ties and beading.  Oh, I love these shoes.  Let's be honest, too...they were Retail Therapy.  That means that it is ok to spend more than you feel you should because it is still cheaper than therapy...and it works!

I needed something to put these shoes in.  Ah-ha...the shoebag!
And, then the bug hit me.  I pulled out all the shoes and they all needed bags. I started gathering my was quickly clear that the handles were a real plus.  I pictured them hanging up in the cottage closet at my destination.  I thought I could make more--since they're so quick and easy (shameless plug) -- and match the fabrics to the shoes!  Then I remembered that "shoe" fabric someone gave me (because of course quilters always need more fabric, right?).  Ah, and all the "ugly" fabric that was so cute and fun when I bought it! It could all be used for more bags... ooh! Which could mean more shoes!

Voila! DIY organization!
They pack so easily into a Mondo bag or suitcase, and I must admit, the undies fold nicely into an "smarty pants" bag, too.  Love it.  I am a bit apprehensive though....does this mean I will need appliance cozies and lamp shade covers next?


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