Sunday, February 9, 2020

Hearts & Crafts Project #12 (of 14): Emilynn's Heart

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When my sweet daughter, Emilynn, was just 6 years old, she asked to make a quilt.  She designed it, and then she sewed it while sitting on my lap.  That little girl is now 30 and continues to be extremely creative.  She makes leather masks, costumes, and is a phenomenal make-up artist! And her house is everyone's delight at Halloween. Not to mention that she also is a fabulous cook. 
Another layout for this design would be a runner, using 2 rows of hearts facing opposite directions.
I have started a quilt for her using her dresses that I made her when she was little - perhaps a table runner or dresser scarf.  What do you think, Em?
It's always good to sign & date your quilt.  On the backside of the hearts quilt, Em wrote her name in green fabric pen, then hand-stitched over it! Wish I had a picture of her doing that!

Hearts with Modern Fabrics
STANDARD METHOD:  Zigzag Applique, "Zigzapping" 
Hearts: (9) 6.5" squares cotton fabric
Interfacing: 1.5 panels Quiltsmart Sweet Hearts (9 hearts)
Background: 3/4 yard cut into (9) 8" squares.
Border: 1/2 yard cut into: (4) 3" x width of fabric.
Backing: 1 yard
Binding: 1/3 yard cut into: (4) 2.5" strips
Contrast Thread

1) Cut interfacing hearts out leaving up to about a quarter-inch  margin around the large heart.  If you would like to use the small heart, cut carefully just barely outside the dashed line and set aside for another project (or use in conjunction with the large hearts in this project - see earlier Hearts & Crafts projects).
2) Place heart interfacing rough side (glue dot side) to RIGHT side of heart fabric. Stitch on the solid line.  This fabric is from one of Emilynn's dresses when she was about 3.
TIP: The shorter the stitch length the smoother the curve.  A 1.5- 2.0mm is good for this project.
3) Trim on the dashed lines.
4) Turn gently.  Use the rounded end of a pointer-creaser to round the curves and the pointed end to get a nice point.  Use the pointed end  BETWEEN the fabric at the seams, not touching the interfacing to sharpen the curves. Be gentle.

A variety of backgrounds are possible.  Mixing modern with vintage can be fun!  If your background shows through the heart, you can pull it from the back and cut it out.
The heart does not need to be centered on the block.  Try it in different places.... 
...I am choosing this one....not a lot of contrast, but Em loves clothing design so I think she will like this fabric. I will use a dark thread to zigzapp it!
5) Fuse to the background block.  
6) Stitch around the heart either with invisible thread and a narrow zigzag or with a contrast thread and a decorative stitch.  Emilynn chose to use different stitches in her original quilt and the same thread color for all of the hearts - if I recall correctly it was so she would not have to change the thread a lot. I used a buttonhole stitch here.

7) Sew the blocks together with a 1/4" seam allowance.
8) Sew the border to two opposite sides, then to the other two sides.
9) Quilt and bind as desired.
 Emilynn stitched around each heart.  I might have helped her bind the quilt.

I hope you enjoyed making "Emilynn's Heart" and that you liked this method.  There are about 30 more patterns in our ZigZapps! line. Imagine what you can do! Teach a little one to sew! 
Hugs & love,

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