Thursday, February 5, 2015

Quiltsmart Mondo Bag Interfacing Panels Get A Facelift

Quiltsmart Mondo Bag Interfacing Panels Photo

We love the Quiltsmart Mondo Bag, and we know you do to! To keep up with changing demands and new pre-cut fabric selections, we thought it was time the Quiltsmart Mondo Bag interfacing panels get a facelift.

What this means for you

  • There are some exciting new new features to the new Mondo Bag interfacing panels
  • Now, easier use of 5" squares with no extra interfacing or need to cut squares in half. Plus, the bag will be a more manageable size with 5" squares.
  • Lining can now be made exactly the same as the bag without mirror-imaging

What is the difference between the original and revised Mondo Bag interfacing panels?

  • Updated fabric requirements stated on interfacing
  • Interfacing now has 12 rows instead of 13

Can I still use the original instructions with the new Mondo Bag interfacing panels?

  • The number of fabric squares will vary, so make sure to use 192 2.5" squares instead of the stated 208
  • The lining does not need to be mirror-imaged

Can I still purchase or use the old Mondo Bag interfacing panels?

Although we will no longer be selling the original Mondo Bag interfacing panels, you are welcome to continue to use or sell any of the old Mondo Bag interfacing panels you have on hand.

Feel free to print the Mondo Bag Interfacing Panels Revised Q&A we have prepared for your reference. We would encourage all quilt shops who plan on placing orders for Mondo Bag interfacing panels to print several copies of the Q&A form and put it with the Mondo Bag interfacing for their customer's reference.

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