Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas... Quiltsmart Style

Upon entering the Quiltsmart office, you will immediately be in a long, narrow hallway filled with all kinds of great Quiltsmart goodies. You will find quilts hanging all the way down both sides of the hallway, towers of bags, and wine glasses graced with Quiltsmart Wine Shades. It's really an inspirational place to be. With the holidays approaching, Mattie switched out the traditional quilts for ones that bring in the Christmas spirit.  Enjoy this mini tour of our Quiltsmart office.

Quiltsmart Ohio Rose QuiltNext to the customer service counter, where you will usually find Erin answering phones and processing orders, there is a shabby-chic cabinet filled with wine glasses that are topped with Quiltsmart Wine Shades, and a gorgeous Ohio Rose quilt.

Directly across from our customer service counter, Erin has a view of this beautiful wall hanging. Made using ZigZapps! Blossoms and Petals.

Further down the hall, is this festive 58" Lone Star quilt.

This tower of Christmas Stockings features stockings of various colors, fabrics and textures.

Santa sits quietly watching over us while nestling his North Star pillow and Quiltsmart Bottle Bags.

Featuring fun, modern colors, this Mariner's Star adds a bright flash of color to our hallway.

 Next, we have two Rob Pete quilts that appear to be very different, although they're the same. Both are very festive and fun for the eyes.

With so much quilting going on in the Quiltsmart building over the years, it's not possible to capture photos of all of them, but we do hope you enjoyed a quick trip through the halls of the Quiltsmart building.  Tell us in the comments below which quilt is your favorite.

Have you made a holiday themed Quiltsmart quilt? We'd love to see photos! Contact Us to submit a photo and description of a quilt or holiday project you've made using Quiltsmart printed interfacing.

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